Alhamrah Corporation


Be sure to visit us at for premium B2B merchandise. We have everything from cigars and shisha pipes to general convenience needs. Our recently released products include:

  • Tsunami Quake Silver MOD Premium Vapor Kits 3/Pack
  • Tsunami Quake Pink MOD Premium Vapor Kits 3/Pack
  • Tsunami Quake Green MOD Premium Vapor Kits 3/Pack
  • Tsunami Quake Blue MOD Premium Vapor Kits 3/Pack
  • Tsunami Quake Tank 0.5 Sub OHM with dual airflow for the Quake Kit 3pcs
  • Top Rolling Papers B1G1 Free 2X50/Tin 16/Case
  • Swisher Sweet Cigarillos Wild Rush (2 For 99) Pre-Priced 2 X 30 60/Uprite 24/Case
  • Swisher Sweet Cigarillos Wild Rush 2 Pk Pouches 2 X 30 60/Uprite 24/Case
  • Saint Luis Rey Gen2 SLR Toro Cigar plus Ashtray (Gift Box) 5/Box
  • Romeo y Julieta 1875 Toro Tubo Golf Gift Set incl 3 golf balls and 3 golf tees 3/Bag
  • Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve Toro w Lighter (Gift Box) (56×6) – 25/Box
  • H. Upmann The Banker Master Glass Ashtray (Gift Box) 5 Cigar/Box
  • And More…

Alhamrah Corporation has been serving the cigar and smoke shop industry as a wholesaler and distributor for more than a decade. Started as a family business in 2003 in Olyphant, PA, Alhamrah Corporation has grown into a national retailer and distributor of convenience store and smoke shop items. With a wide catalogue of products ranging from cigars, hookahs, pipes, and lighters to e-cigarettes, hats, gloves, and even over the counter medicine, Alhamrah Corporation is much more than just a cigar company. It is an organization that can supply any kind of store, whether it’s one that is cigar and smoking industry specific or one that offers a wider variety of items, with the products they need.

In addition to their wide variety of merchandise, Alhamrah Corporation serves many types of customers, including business owners who can purchase items for their stores directly from the warehouse, convenience stores, gas stations, mom and pop stores, and chain franchises to whom they ship nationwide, and wholesale retailers to whom they ship by the palette. They distribute all across the country, and take pride in their high quality of service which leads to long term relationships and repeat customers.

After growing at a rapid rate through their early years of operation from a 6,000  to a 12,000 and now to a 40,000 square foot warehouse, processes for both stocking and delivery needed to be streamlined, and they were. Now operating at a higher capacity, customers still receive the same excellent service they expect. While Alhamrah Corporation never set out to be as big as it is today, it welcomes the success it has attained, and still maintains the informal, comfortable, communal work environment of the small company it once was. Even with the increased business, the atmosphere remains laid back, and everyone is treated like family. With little employee turnover and a permeating respect and loyalty among the staff, such a rapport is not hard to maintain.

Alhamrah Corporation looks forward to a future with continued success as a recognized leader in providing customers with the highest quality merchandise and services all year ‘round.